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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  November 15, 2013 4:25am-5:00am EST

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between now and monday. this -- >> 45 degrees? >> no. there are some spots that are definitely frosty this morning. but decent day. we'll have increasing clouds, partly sunny this horn. a lot of high -- morning. a lot of high thin clouds. this afternoon temperatures getting into the mid- and upper 50s and even 60 end zone a few spots with a -- 60s in a few spots with a south wind running 5, 10 miles an hour. the high clouds are just about on the doorstep but the rain is almost to the mississippi river. in arkansas and missouri you can see it. so the moisture at least the precip from this is well behind the leading edge of the clouds. but a cold start for some. we're down in the upper 20s in leesburg. frederick, gaithersburg 28. manassas 21 with 38 for la plata and annapolis this morning. and 40 in easton. so increasing clouds especially this afternoon. but it will be a dry day and a seasonably cool day. mid 50s on the bay. 59 leesburg and here in d.c. and a couple of low 60s to the
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southwest. here comes monika samtani early on this friday with the first look at timesaver traffic. we had an interesting night on route 50 after route 424 at 10:00 and then at midnight. there were two separate accidents. both closed the roadway completely. both of them separate accidents involved tractor-trailers. the second one at midnight involved a medevac helicopter on the scene as well. so big being problems on route 50 eastbound after route 424 in davidsonville overnight. the lanes are open right now and you should be okay westbound as well. coming in from annapolis. the length into cheverly on route 50. let's take a live look inside the beltway on route 50 and here at route 202 you can see that the lanes are open. and we're in great shape heading in toward the northeast corridor. back over to the maps, this time to 270 on the southbound side. no issues right now. we're the great shape heading down -- in great shape heading down to the point where the lanes divide. and another live look this time in virginia on the northbound side of i-95 and springfield.
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volumes are light and we're calling it friday morning light. back to you guys. we will take it. thanks monika. 4:28. the president -- president obama was grilled by reporters yesterday if you didn't see it about the issues surrounding the affordable care act. yesterday he announced that healthcare policies that were canceled or at least got cancellation notices would be extended for a year. >> in fact nearly five million americans are affected. as our ken molestina reports white house correspondents including cbs's major garrett didn't let the president over the hook without some tough questions. >> it was failing the most basic tests internally and yet a decision was made to launch the website on october 1st. >> i was not -- informed directly. that the website would not be working. as the way it was supposed to. had i been informed i wouldn't be going out saying this is going to be great. you know, i'm accused of a lot of things but i don't think i'm
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stupid enough to go around saying this is going to be like shopping on amazon or travelocity. a week before the website opens if i thought this it wasn't going to work. >> reporter: the president was also pressed by garrett on comments he previously made about americans being able to keep their current insurance. >> do you not believe sir the americans deserve deeper accountability from you as to why you said that over and over? >> there's no doubt that the way i put that forward unequivocally ended up not being accurate. >> reporter: and how about the promise of current insurance policies being grandfathered in? unless the companies made a major change and. >> did you decide sir that the simple declaration was something the american people could handle but the new stance you just gave now was something they couldn't handle and you couldn't trust the american people with a fuller truth? >> no, my expectation was that were 98% of the american
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people, either it genuinely wouldn't change at all, or they'd be pleasantly surprised with the options in the marketplace. >> the president said he expects glitches on to be fixed by the end of the month. he also is promising to veto a health care bill expected to pass in the house nod. now it would allow -- today. now it would allow insurance companies to continue selling policies that don't meet the legal standards laid out in the affordable care act. about 1,000 virginians are among the more than 100,000 people who've already signed up for health care through the federal marketplace. the old dominion chose not to set up its own exchange. about 33,000 virginians are completed applications and are eligible for the exchanges. now maryland's decision to expand medicaid is part of the affordable care act will save the state more than $2 billion. that is the conclusion of a new
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report out of george washington university. but it says the state is not going to see that impact until between 2014 and 2020 over that time. officials say the typhoon disaster area in the philippines is starting to improve now. especially after the last 24 hours, because shipments of food and medical supplies are starting to stream big time into the philippines. trucks and generators are also arriving, more than 3600 people are confirmed dead after typhoon haiyan hit a week ago. the storm forced nearly 600,000 people to look for shelter as well. one maryland man is behind bars this morning after a case of road rage turned violent. 24-year-old david goldberg of potomac is charged with attempted murder, after he stabbed two people at a local mall. >> this all took place in the parking lot at the montgomery mall. debra alfarone tells us investigators say his 2-year- old daughter was in the car when this happened. >> reporter: police say this incident didn't even start
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here. it started at an intersection off mall property where two cars were edging each oh out. but it ended back here in absolutely the wrong way. >> as human beings we are ridiculous. >> reporter: a bloody scene all over the most seemingly simple thing. >> it appears to be a dispute over who had the right of way at an intersection. >> reporter: police say this car now smashed and crumpled from an unsuccessful get away but being driven by a man who not only had a car seat but also a knife. >> i was maybe about five inches. >> reporter: that man pulled his car over and got out and stabbed two people he had a beef with in this car. police now questioning that car's driver. then police say the man with the knife drove off but not before hitting this car and ending up in police custody. it was quite a scene in the middle of the day. >> we saw a guy down. we saw a guy in a sweatshirt walking up -- up and down. making a lot of noise.
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>> moaning i thought he was having a heart attack. you know -- the guy was stabbed. broad daylight. >> reporter: police say those two stabbing victims they both have serious injuries and all of this was over who had the right of way. at montgomery mall, debra alfarone, wusa9. the man who was caught on tape attacking a muslim taxi driver has been cleared of all charges. fairfax county prosecutors say they decided to drop the criminal charges against edalberg because of the timing of the 911 call made it impossible to determine if the driver's story was indeed accurate. mohammed salim claims that he hit him and broke his jaw back in may. on tape though you can only see and hear him hurling insults at him. two day care teachers in prince william county are out of a job this morning following bus allegations. -- abuse allegations. they worked at mini land academy in woodbridge. the virginia department of social services says the
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teachers stepped on children's toe, blasted them with hoses can encouraged them to fight. so far, 386 children have been rescued after a canadian police troop busted a child pornography ring. it netted hundreds of arrests including 76 people here in america. schools' employees, attorneys, police, registered sex offenders, all among the people who were taken into custody in this. toronto police say the ring leader told people how to create the videos featuring children between the ages of 5 and 12. a former d.c. teacher is facing child porn and identity theft charges this morning. eric totes was captured in nicaragua earlier this year. he's been on the run since 2008. that's the year he disappeared from the school at the national cathedral where he thought third grade -- taught third
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grade. he vanished after child porn was caught in his possession. a former d.c. police officer has been convicted of sexually abusing a young girl who was part of his church choir. a superior court jury found 45- year-old wendel palmer guilty of numerous offenses. prosecutors say that palmer started abusing the victim at church when she was 10 or 11 years old. the girl finally reported the abuse last year when she turned 18. r&b singer chris brown is out of rehab this morning. the 24-year-old voluntarily checked himself in for anger issues at a facility in los angeles recently. that was after a scuffle here in d.c.. brown is facing a misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly pinching a man outside the w. hotel last month. he pled not guilty in the case. his spokesperson says brown is going to continue outpatient treatment for his anger issues. that is so he can do 1,000 hours of community service which is part of the probation from a 2009 attack on singer rihanna who was his girlfriend at the time.
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here's another reminder to lock your car at all times. the culpeper county sheriff's office says at least 20 people reported their cars had been rummaged through, five of the people say things were stolen. but there was no damage to the cars because all the vehicles were unlocked. the sheriff's office wants to remind everyone to lock your cars and homes and keep valuables out of sight. right now, they have no person of interest in the case. an outburst by a northern virginia high school football coach is starting to get some national attention. or at least the editorial that was written about it sure is. >> the article says the annandale high band was forced from the field in mid performance by the football coach whose team was returning from halftime. it's been viewed nearly 300,000 times with hundreds of online comments. wusa9's laura lingy has this story. >> reporter: this is the final song students played just before they were forced off the field. now unfortunately, this video cuts just short of that
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happening. a few minutes after this with halftime winding down and the marching band still performing, the annandale football coach began yelling for the band to get off so his players could get on the field. there was still time on the clock but the coach insisted saying the team might be penalized. the band ultimately did stop the performance short and filed off the field. this infuriated band parents and students from annandale and across the country who caught wind of the story online. >> i felt kind of like frustrated and i didn't know why because this was like our last night to perform. so it's supposed to be memorable. but i guess like -- they kind of ruined it. >> reporter: did you feel as a part of the band that you don't get the respect or the appreciation that you guys deserve considering the amount of work you put in? >> yes, like very much. >> reporter: the principal at annandale high school did send a letter home saying he is investigating the incident. he is dismayed at how it was handled and that the football coach has offered to apologize
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to the marching band. for wusa9. a popular smart phone app says no to a facebook offer. that's coming up in our first your money report of the morning. >> a big offer too. it's cold. but it's going to warm up just in time for high school football tonight. and if you're going to the maryland game tomorrow, that's going to be great too. ho
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4:40 on this friday morning. boy, great visibility this morning. a few high clouds out there now. and that'd be partly sunny this morning. increasing and thickening clouds later this afternoon into the evening but a mild day. comfortable later on after this chilly start. with highs between 57 and 61. back with the full weekend forecast in about five minutes.
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right now monika, timesaver traffic. well, on the beltway on the north side of town we're in good shape in college park. all lanes are open it's friday morning. traffic is light in prince george's county. but in oldtown southbound on route 1 between prince and duke, a water main break only the right lane is getting by. back to you guys. jess? thanks monika. time right now is 4:41 and i'm watching your money. another happy friday this morning for wall street with the stock market standing at another record high. the gains yesterday though driven most bily stocks and investors by when they want to avoid risk. the safeway stocks power companies, banks, health care companies they all rose in a sign that investors are becoming a little more cautious about the big time rally. checking the numbers -- mike and i have been talking about this one. a status update facebook execs probably won't like. the social media company
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reportedly offered to boy snapchat for -- buy snapchat for $3 billion in an all cash deal. >> all cash. >> all cash. the owner 23 and 25 years old, the two founders, snapchat turned it down. the smart phone app lets people sent photos and messages that self-destruct after they're seen. it is popular with teens and young adults. snapchat has not yet generated any revenue to date but it's raised about $73 million in funding and it's reportedly being courted by other buyers. >> wow. defense contractor lockheed martin is cutting back on their work force. the bethesda company is cutting back on about 4,000 jobs as they look for ways to lower costs and they have reduced government spending. the aerospace giant will shut down plants in arizona, ohio, pennsylvania and texas. as well as a building in california by 2015. it seems more people prefer to work for a mailbox over -- male boss over a female boss.
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that's what a new survey found by gallup. which gender do you prefer working for? 35% said they prefer man and less than a quarter said they prefer female bosses. in the all bad news for women in leadership positions, it's the highest number ever reported in favor of women bosses sense gallup started asking back in 1953. 5% said back then they preferred female bosses. >> does that mean that people are more likely to accept hillary clinton as president if she runs? >> that's a very good question. so are you looking to knock off some calories before the holidays? we're going to show you a new workout that can give you that last-minute burn. that's after the break. >> you have no excuse to work out. it's warmer and it's going to be nice this weekend. sunshine is coming out and you won't be freezing, first alert forecast coming up right after this.
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so it's already warming up compared to yesterday. >> yep. >> i mean from the morning hours. >> yes. still a couple of 20s though but you're right. going to be a lot warmer tonight with clouds and some showers overnight tonight. so instead of 20s and 30s we'll be in the 40s for saturday morning. here's a look outside right now because it looks nice out there. we've got great vizzability. generally clear skies with some high clouds moving in and the high clouds through midday and i think thicker clouds later this afternoon. look at the temps though. on the way into the upper 50s with enough sun even 60s attainable for a few of us. and the winds, they won't be so bad today. generally out of the south at about 5 to 10 miles an hour. south even south-southwest there at 4:00. 55 degrees. and low 50s with the clouds by 8:00.
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this morning, a bit different. cleveland is 44 and easton still some 20s and 30s where the skies are clear. dry air heated up nicely yesterday. it cools off quickly at night and this morning we are down to 27 in germantown. manassas does cool off more than everybody else it seems. 21. while it's 35 over in baden. 33 at andrews. lynn up in charlestown, cabletown area telling me he's 28 this morning. while it was 40 or so down in the prince frederick area from e. j. and 28 this morning in white oak and laurel. outside on that michael & son weather camera nothing really to look at at the moment. nice and quiet out there. 38 degrees. southwesterly wind at 3 miles an hour or so. yeah no windchill with that light breeze. and the dew points they have risen. temperatures across the east, these these tell the story. still cold here generally along and east of the appalachians but look at the warmer temperatures in the midwest now. it's 40 in chicago and 44 indianapolis. nearly 50 in st. louis and memphis is 47.
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we have some warmer temperatures just lurking to the west underneath these thicker clouds that are moving in in advance of the rain showers that are moving in over the mississippi river. the high clouds are coming over us now. we're going to turn partly cloudy tonight until the sun comes up then partly sunny to mostly cloudy as the day wears on. as those clouds thicken up. here's the futurecast. not really showing the high clouds. because you know we have a lot of filtered sunshine with that. but during the afternoon from the south and west especially. we may end up still with that filtered sunshine through how much the day -- much of the day. look at the rain though 5:00 p.m., southern west virginia. now by 9:00, 10:00 that rain is getting in toward areas oh for the blue ridge west and southwest of d.c.. some of the high school football games, probably going to be all right but the one west of town, out towards western maryland, shenandoah valley, got a chance for some showers there. overnight we'll have some showers coming through with a better or heavier showers south or east of d.c.. here we are at 5:30. tomorrow you know some of the
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showers you may see a couple ranger off to the east -- linger off to the east and then we're going to watch moisture gather for sunday. but tomorrow a decent amount of clouds and some sunny breaks with temps in the afternoon. notice the showers again saturday night into sunday morning and then another feature later sunday will be here sunday night into monday with the better chance for some showers and maybe a couple of storms. today's highs will be in the upper 50s even a couple of spots south and southwest of town cracking that 60-degree mark. forecast breaks down like this. 59 today with increasing clouds. tonight 45. it will be some showers late tonight into tomorrow morning. could be a shower tomorrow night. so early shower d.c.. couple of showers lingering east. 57. for sunday variably cloudy. generally late showers sunday night into monday morning. sunday's highs in the mid 60s. mid- to upper 60s monday but once that cold front pushes through we can see some colder temperatures in the afternoon. we're going to watch that carefully. 48 chilly on tuesday and wednesday and back to 50 on thursday. here comes monika this friday
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morning and she's -- i think all smiles. i'm just not sure. yeah when you say friday. >> that's enough. >> that's enough. >> there you go. yeah and me on friday. there's a water main break southbound on route 1 after prince street and two right lanes are blocked there. with one lane getting by you want to be aware there could be delays. now inside the beltway we're in great shape on 395 at 68 miles per hour. 66 is 58 miles an hour. let's take a live look outside and here's what it looks like in springfield. there are no problems or delays right now coming up from dale city. as you head toward springfield and onto 395 as i said, going well above the speed limit. back over to the maps, this time to 66 on the inbound side. we're in great shape as you head from manassas into centreville. and fairfax to dulles toll road looks good from sterling. no problems on the beltway from the tysons area and we're looking good as well on route 7 from leesburg. you know to holidays are coming up and that means we're going
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to be eating a lot. if you're looking to enhance your workout goals then check out the latest fitness craze. high intensity workouts on stadium turfs inside the gym are designed to work your whole body in a very short time. >> six, five, finish it. >> get off the elliptical or treadmill and try something new. it's part of the new trend of training sessions that are designed to give your body shock. >> the turf field is key. you have the agility dots, you have the ladder, and it's -- padded and it shows -- this is where i'm going to work. >> with the kettle ball, ladder, hurdles and cones it just goes on and on. >> it's in a clockwise formation. and it alternates cardio and strength. >> so you are burning multiple calories. >> between 600 and 1,000- calories. washington sports club fitness instructor libly ruden says the workout will get your whole
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body pumping. >> it's the hit format. once you do cardio and your pulse goes down, but the oxygen and blood is through the body, is now doing strength. and it just alternates. ten seconds, ten, nine, eight, seven -- >> today we're switching workouts after 30 seconds of high energy movement with multiple zones of action, this training affects every part of the body. >> it's better than the treadmill or the elliptical because that steady state and people wonder why their body is not changing. that's why. they need that high interval go, go, go. >> i think my body changed within 30 seconds. [ laughter ] after the high intensity we had a very nice cooldown period. now the intervals for each station guys is like between 30 seconds and several minutes depending on how intense you wanted it to be. i can tell you those 30 second intervals for me were enough. and for a lot of the other guys too. >> are you still sore? >> this is like a couple of weeks ago and i still can't move. >> everybody thinks i can be an
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nfl athlete. i can do -- right. >> sure it was a lot of fun though. and the turf actually i think is really good for the knees. >> is it? i was going to say is it spongy or soft? >> it's a little softer and it helps with that. with joints. >> that's cool. >> i had a great time. >> thanks. well, in today's health alert more kids are smoking but not your average cigarette. the centers for disease control say the number of kids using e cigarettes nearly doubled in one year. the results of a major boost in the middle and high school kids who smoke tobacco using a a a coo. researchers in the uk say premature baby boys are at a higher risk of death and complications than girls. doctors say girl miss chair faster -- say girls mature faster than boys. even in the womb this happens.
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it makes sense. unless you're mike. that late afternoon caffeine pike me up may not be such a good idea. a small study says the caffeine can lead to a restless night of sleep. researchers gave 12 people the equivalent of two cups of coffee right at bedtime or six hours before. they both lost a few hours of sleep. >> maybe i drink too much coffee. happy friday. question of the morning time now here it is -- give us some thought and post your response on our facebook fan page and we're going to bring you some answers in the next half hour. keep it here.
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4:57. quiet, cold, 20s and 30s this morning with a few 40-degree readings there in the eastern shore and southern maryland. couple of clouds starting to move in here thickening up there out west by 9:00 a.m. we'll be in the lower 40s. lunchtime looks okay. partly to mostly cloudy with more clouds west. 54. adds we go through the afternoon i think the clouds actually thicken late this afternoon into the evening and watch by 9:00 how areas shenandoah valley west might be dealing with a few showers by then. monika? well, there are new issues right now on the beltway in bethesda. this is at river road, maryland 190 headed to the american legion bridge and into tysons corner we're good.
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no problems on 270 coming in from frederick right now. fingers crossed. and the beltway is light on the topside of town. back to you guys. well, we've had another fun week here at wusa9. we started by honoring our heroes and hopefully we end with a redskins' w.. >> we look back at the week filled with laughs, and the new arrival. ♪ >> we say thank you to all service members for their service in the military. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck. thanks for waking up with us. >> nothing like bombs flying to make you fall in love. the little sparks in the sky right? >> it wasn't -- that -- >> romantic like that. >> the newest member of the wusa9 family. just turn your head to the side. that is connor phillips. >> does pg-13 mean anything to you? >> not really. >> time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> bless you jessica doyle. [ laughter ] >> get the hook, that was brutal. >> they shouldn't say it but i couldn't hear a thing.
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i'm deaf. >> there's an old saying that goes some people are singers and some people are listeners. ♪ >> i'm just cooler than you mike. >> yes you are. >> all of us combined apparently. [ laughter ] >> still is. that's cool quotient going. >> well good morning -- thanks for watching wusa9 at 5:00 a.m. i'm jessica doyle in afterandrea roane and sometimes you have to sneeze. it happens. >> bless you. >> happy friday. i'm mike hydeck, glad you're with us, this is the aforementioned monika samtani. cooler than all of us combined. howard we're just paying rent. >> exactly trying not to drag the bar down too low right? weather-wise, cold morning 20s and 30s but we'll get rid of the chill pretty quickly. back in the 50s if not 60s in a few spots today. we're going to have a couple of clouds starting to roll in. even this morning some high
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clouds before they thicken up this afternoon later into the evening. your day planner calling for temperatures to rise nicely out of the morning economical and you can see 51 by 11:00 and 56 at 1:00. then into the afternoon mid- to upper 50s here in d.c.. with near 60s south and west and it all depends on how thick the clouds get. that are coming from the southwest and some rain will be moving in and the form of showers tonight. better chance south and east of town. you see the high clouds already just knocking on the door in many areas, west of town we have the high thin clouds and that will give us some oh faded or sunshine or milky sunshine as i like to call it. temperatures though, they're dropping into the 20s. not sure how accurate manassas is at 21 but culpeper and gaithersburg 28. frederick at 25. certainly within reason with 33 in fredericksburg. and 38 across the bay in easton. how about this afternoon? with partly to mostly cloudy skies. comfortable not too windy. south winds at 10. highs upper 50s to even a couple of low 60s south and west. od


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